Proper Divine Office Chants of the Ecclesiastical Province of Prague

The main goal of this project is to collect chant tunes necessary for celebration of the Divine Office on feasts proper to the ecclesiastical province of Prague (historical territory of the kingdom of Bohemia, western part of today's Czech Republic) according to the calendar and liturgical texts in place right before the liturgical reform of the Second Vatican Council. As an extension of that primary goal, tunes should subsequently be edited also for Latin texts of the post-Vatican II LOTH proper of Czech Republic, which share a significant portion of chants with the older provincial proper.

Additional information in Czech:


Practical edition

Prague provincial proper to the 1912 Antiphonale Romanum (WIP, raw and very incomplete)

Working edition

Sources and their abbreviations

Source Codes

All project source codes are available on Github.

Chants of the Czech Proper Feasts Elsewhere

Liturgical texts online

(Digitalized official editions of the texts we are collecting tunes for.)


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